ASFP Comes to an End

After two years of serving as an Albany Synod Fellow in this church, Prattsville Reformed, and the Jay Gould Memorial Church in Roxbury, I, Pastor Alisha, and at the end of the Fellowship term.

About 5 months into my time here in Prattsville and Roxbury, our world was dramatically changed with the Corona Virus devastated our world and our particular communities. It would also shape the way ministry looked and felt.

It’s with a mixture of sadness and expectation that I look forward to what God has in store next for me. I am extremely grateful for the two churches who went out on a limb to do ministry a little different – and welcome a recent seminary grad to their pulpits and ministry lives. It’s been a pleasure.

What comes next for myself is still to be determined. But, for these two churches – exciting ministry is still in store. They have been and continue to seek discernment from God for what it looks like to serve their communitites.

Grace and peace, friends. Thank you for letting me join your communities for a season.

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